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Ayman Roshdi, HRO Cairo Poultry, Americana Group

From my point of view as a TOT participant, The program was very informative, one of the best TOT programs that I have ever attended. What I liked most about the TOT program was the interactivity and active approaches. The structure and overall content of the course was thorough and covered all aspects of the training process. It does not only focus on the skills needed for a successful facilitator but it is very beneficial for any one working in HR or Talent Development as it provides participants with the adequate knowledge about how to identify training needs, deal with different learning styles, prepare Development Plans and                                      Implement successful Training programs.

Karim Madkour, Regional HR Director Egypt & North Africa, Savola

I would like to thank the great team at Brilliance Business School, as all of the feedbacks I have received from the attendees have been extremely positive at both the academic and interpersonal skills sides with individuals complimenting how relevant and useful the material covered was. I hope that this should make a real difference to the level of leadership and competencies to our employees. I would say they value their customers highly and customer satisfaction is on top of their list.

Mohamed Shiha, Brand Manager, Al Mansour Automotive

Rome Business school MBA program conducted by Brilliance Business School is a well-structured education program.  The program is giving you the opportunity to gain World Class education in addition to fundamentals of empirical research. The program is structured in a way to support your career.


Mohamed El-Faramawy, MBA, Technical support, Planning and Quality Manager, Dubai Port (DP World)

“MBA is not just a certificate, it is about understanding life better. After finishing MBA from Victoria University and Brilliance Business School, you will find yourself understand life better and it will support your next steps in your career. Brilliance Business School organized a great program where they provide the best of the best instructors for all MBA modules. To whom read my words, looking forward to welcome you in elite MBA club“

Khaled Helal, Production Manager, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Brilliance, the art of adult education. I had the opportunity to start with Brilliance by TOT diploma focusing on application rather than the academic part was motive to continue with Brilliance further. Make your Brilliance shine was not only a motto but a result after practicing and be professional trainer within my company exploring more opportunities to improve my career, I have started MBA program cooperation between Victoria university and Brilliance Business School top notch professors, focus on “must know”, combination of theoretical and applicable science and flexible attendance schedule are the advantages of a especial                                                         program Swiss accredited MBA with high standards help me not only shifting my career but also exploring new era of expertise in                                 my life.

Mary Louis, Customer Care Section Head, Wadi Degla

It was great opportunity having my MBA from Brilliance in a year and 4 months, studying and focusing on business language in all aspects. After my graduation, I could shift my career to a new professional phase in my life.


Hesham el Sabbagh, T&D Manager, LEONI Wiring Systems

I have two perspectives, both of them are actually appreciation and trust. The first perspective comes as a manager in my company when we deal with Brilliance in the field of Training and Development which became solid evidence of their competitiveness and capability to deliver the training that make changes using their own methodology and competencies. The second perspective as a MBA participant jointly offered by Brilliance Business School and Rome Business School, I have to admit their perfect selection criteria of professors, and the other important point that you feel them as unprofitable organization rather than the cooperation                                    and facilitation of any obstacles

Waleed A. Aziz Mohamed, IT Manager, Jotun Paints

For me as an IT Manager, real work begins after all people leave office, so it was very difficult to me to find a suitable MBA Program that meets my needs. Then came Brilliance, and it had all what I was looking for, a one-year crashed program, lectures only on weekends, one subject at a time, and finally a close location situated in central Heliopolis. They were flexible with their payments especially at the challenging times of the currency devaluation. I had enjoyed the journey, the company, and specially the group assignments. I have made lots of new friends from all ages, and different backgrounds. I encourage all to invest in                                                              themselves in learning, as it really makes a difference.

Ahmed Hani Ghaith, VFS Tasheel International as Senior Manager; Business Analysis and Development

It has been great education experience that combines best quality of academic and practical approach to acquire business related knowledge along with open interaction and communication with both colleagues and highly qualified instructors in a friendly environment that made the education experience unforgettable and joyful. The best thing about MBA campus beside instructors’ professionalism is that everyone was open to provide variable tools and space for the students to participate in open discussions,  present ideas and implement creative approaches. SHAPE UP YOUR FUTURE, start a trustworthy journey today before tomorrow                                   among your new family where you can feel home

Hala Shalaby, Supervisor, E-learning and Coaching, Human Resources and Corporate Support Orange/Mea/MENA/Egypt/Human Resources – Learning and Development

Train the trainer diploma with Brilliance Business School was one of the best learnings that helped me in my career as a professional trainer and helped me to manage trainers and their training programs in my company.It was 3 month of learnings, reflections, lots of practices that help you apply lesson learned in real classroom training. In brilliance business school you will not only find useful courses and diploma but you will also find people who will help you shape your personal profile by guiding the best learning solution that suits your career objectives. In addition you will love to keep in touch with their lovely team who keep                                            helping you in the future.


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