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HomeProfessional Programs Sales Management

Diploma Overview

The Sales function has been and will be always a substantial development driver and key sensor of the market feedback in any organizations. Yet, Sales function is also a major investment that can cause destructive consequences if efficiently managed.
Brilliance Business School “Sales Management and Marketing” aims to equip the Sales professionals with the knowledge and skills of managing a sales department effectively. Throughout the diploma, the participant will gain solid experience to face the challenges faced by sales manager in a complex arena. It closely examines the special concerns of executives who manage sales professionals and tracks the sales from planning to execution.
Sales Management and Marketing diploma integrates negotiation knowledge and skills as essential complementary dimension for successful sales professionals. It covers negotiation methods and strategies that enable the sales professional to overcome negotiation obstacles and deal effectively with complexities of negotiation relationships. Diploma also combines Marketing Management dimension that allow sales professional to look from marketer’s viewpoint, thus develop an ultimate integrated framework for an exceptional sales professional in a demanding and dynamic business environment.


➣ Learn Strategic Management process and directional corporate strategy
➣ Learn different business strategy in competitive marketplace
➣ Link Sales function to company overall strategic planning process
➣ Manage effective Sales forecast and setting Sales targets
➣ Lead Sales team and develop Sales Performance Management
➣ Master Negotiation skills and negotiation concessions
➣ Identify unfair games of Negotiation and methods to handle them
➣ Learn Marketing management knowledge and skills for sales professionals


• Strategic Management
• Managing Sales forecasting and targets
• Managing Sales Performance
• Effective Negotiation
• Marketing Management and Strategy

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  6 Month
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Participant numbers
  min :  5
  max :  30
Bachelor Degree


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