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    Diplomas (Top-up)

 ➤ HR Management

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Backed up with HR body of knowledge and incremental experiences of three combined prestigious providers who distilled best practices of HRM field from USA (SHRM) and Europe (Rome Business School), HRM programs offered by Brilliance are more updated, refined and applicable. Affiliate with professional HR body as SHRM (largest and leading HR professional society of HR in the world) and partnering with academic school as Rome Business School (one of the distinguished business schools in Italy and Europe), HRM programs offered by Brilliance balance between the academic knowledge and theory in conjunction with professional tools and techniques applied in dynamic business environment.

As a common practice in leading Universities and Business schools in Europe and USA, postgraduate programs are constructed as successive building blocks from HRM foundation to more HRM advanced programs’ level (from certificate/ diploma to Master degree). This gives the participants the opportunity not only to gain incremental HR knowledge and conceptual framework but also to build on their previous HR studies/ experiences. Participants can then choose the HR program that most fit their career stage and professional needs as follows:
✓ Participants who have few HR years of experience or shifting to HRM career, HRM diploma is the best match
✓ Participants who have more HR experience can pursue HRBP as an advanced HR diploma on its own
✓ Participants who have got an HR diploma from a recognized University or Business School (or Institute) have the opportunity to build on their previous studies/ education as “top up” diploma (after checking its equivalence) to pursue their HRPB advanced Diploma and/ or carry out a final HR Project/ Thesis to earn a valuable HR Master

HRM Diploma

➢ Acquire comprehensive body of knowledge and skills of learning experiences of various human resource functions

➢ Gain essential concepts of HR strategic level to more operational perspectives

➢ Acquire HR tools and techniques through hands-on activities that are needed for HR professional

HR Management And Strategy

This course will help the participant learn about the tools and techniques used in drafting and developing HR strategies. It will also equip him with the knowledge and skills needed to translate such strategies into actions. Furthermore, the course will enable him to link the HR strategy to that of the organization and provide real value-adding HR solutions that you can present in a language organizational management understands.

Job Analysis And Competency Framework

The course covers the concepts and functions of HRM including competencies that represent the language of performance. Competencies articulate both expected outcomes of an individual’s efforts in terms of behaviors and manners that demonstrate outstanding performance. It covers the Job analysis methods of gathering job information to develop effective Job description and Job specifications; also how to write them in effective approach

WFP – Recruiting, Testing And Selection

The aim of the course is to identify the various approaches applied in workforce planning requirements. The course covers the effective stages of recruitment and selection process to get the right match according to the job needs and competencies required. The course extends to cover the assessment of the candidate’s behaviors indicators to analyze and examine the competencies required in each job to anticipate the computability of candidate.

Training And Development

This course covers Training and Development function through systematic applied tools and techniques to promote employee learning and development that equip employees with the necessary knowledge and skills. The course tackles the training and development areas to analyze the knowledge, skills and attitude gap. It sheds the lights on the design and development of training material up to training evaluation and ROI of the training activities.

Performance Management And Appraisal

The course focuses on how to manage the employee Performance as an integrated and coherent Performance Management System (PMS). It starts with employee’s Performance Planning and Performance Monitoring. It covers ways and methods to carry out employee’s performance appraisal. PMS plays a pivotal managerial system of how leaders best manage their HR performance and how to direct efforts to accomplish employees and organization’s strategy and objectives.

Compensation And Benefits

This course focuses on how to use the different direct and indirect compensation and benefits to attract and retain high-quality employees through implementing powerful compensation and benefits approaches. It focuses on evaluating the job through compensable factors to measure. It deals with the total reward of both physical and psychological rewards.

Labor Law And Employee Relations

Demo Content

Further Study: HRPB Diploma


  1. Italian and European Standards – the program is conducted and delivered within the framework of Italian and European standards of high educational measures

  2. One-year Program and Flexible Schedule – that preserves the participants' time

  3. Academic and Professional Balance – the program balances between the conceptual framework of the theoretical body of knowledge and practical tools and techniques that are applicable in participants’ business environment

  4. Professors and Instructors – their experience incorporates a blend of both academic and professional experiences. Their area of expertise and their consulting experience allow them to equip participants with business and consulting insights

  5. Teaching Tools – include case studies, open discussions, group work and team exercises enriching the learning experience and allowing knowledge to “sink-in”

  6. Diverse Group – participants come from different business sectors which promote group diversity and enrich tackling business issues from different perspectives

  1. Copy of Official University Certificate

  2. Copy of ID or Passport

  3. Application Fee

  4. Applicant Recent CV

  5. 2 recent Photos

  6. Recommendation Letter

  7. Copy of official transcripts (for post graduate certificates/ Diploma obtained)

Authorization, Accreditation, Memberships

Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
The Rome Business School has been recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) as a research Centre, and is listed in the National Research Registry with the code 61598

Italian Republic and Chamber of Commerce
The Rome Business School is legally recognized and authorized by the Italian Republic and Chamber of Commerce Italian Republic and Chamber of Commerce.


Camera di Commercio Rome
“Management training and consultancy, marketing and communication services, education design, editorial activities by any means; including online publishing, except in the daily press”.

European Union 
The Rome Business School is officially registered as a participant organization of the Education and Culture Directorate-General and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission, identification Code (PIC) n. 937625960.

ISO 9001:2008 
The Rome Business School has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certifications, which recognize the top quality standards of our activities. The ISO 9001:2008 accreditation recognizes that our organization implements the quality systems that provide the foundation for excellent customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continuous improvement

The Rome Business School is officially registered as a member of ASFOR. Italian Association for Management Training

European Council for Business Education.(ECBE)
The Rome Business School is officially registered as a member of the European Council for Business Education. ECBE is an international educational organization committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in business and related fields.

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