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Business Simulation Overview

Board Game Business Simulation is not a traditional training program; Different dimensions reposition it from traditional learning into a unique solution that would meet your very specific needs. we utilize the concept of Business Board Game Simulation. Through tens of training days, we have seen how much the (Board Game Business Simulation BGBS) concept imposes more success and glamour for learning experience. It relates the participants to the concepts introduced through the course, give them the chance to see the whole parts of the business picture and not to forgone the special focus on the targeted area of knowledge.

Why Business Simulation?

A recent study reported in Personnel Psychology (Sitzmann, 2011) found that trainees using serious simulation games had improved post-training efficacy (20 percent), higher declarative knowledge (11 percent), improved procedural knowledge (14 percent), and better retention (9 percent) than trainees in a non-simulation comparison group.

How does it work?

Through the simulation game, participants are divided into teams, each team is to run a separate company, facing the challenges of integrated business decisions. Participants will see their decisions materializes into immediate financial results, reflecting all the options that they made. They will discover their areas of excellence and challenges, and figure out how to take corrective actions.

Customized Solutions that suit your budget

We believe that each company has its unique business norms, environment and challenges that mandates a unique solution. Our solutions can be customized to meet all the need of your business, targeting the issues of your company We understand how your budget could be tight to fulfill your dreams. BGBS is a fixable tool, it enables you to integrate different concepts in the same program, along with the main area of focus for the program. The simulation dimension of BGBS enables you to integrate basic concepts of team management, project time management, budgeting, communication skills, team interaction, and problem solving a decision-making, finance for non-financers and others at the same course.

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