Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

In Brilliance, we strongly believe that learning has to be an inspiring and influential process that leaves a positive impact on our learners and accompanies them in their professional and personal lives. Unlike other training programs, stuffing heads with information to acquire knowledge is not our cornerstone. Beside the wide variety of methods of interactive approaches in “Andragogy” (Adult Learning) that include role plays, case studies, group exercises, business simulation and open discussions, we depend intensively on three learning techniques; intensive facilitation, immediate practice, and individual and group coaching. They allow learners to apply the knowledge acquired, the right approaches, and to be coached upon any inappropriate practice. Accordingly, learners become exposed to a safe influential learning experience that enables them to transfer the skills gained in the event to their workplace to do their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Cycle of Extended Learning:

The Cycle of “Extended Learning Capacity” is built on a main skeleton that shows seven steps (besides step zero) where the cycle goes through. It starts by inspiring the learner’s attitude to gain his/her initial acceptance and remove barriers to improve the Extended Learning Capacity. The learner’s willingness to learn is an asset for acquiring ELC. The foundation of knowledge of the program in hand is then provided, showing how this knowledge is applied, and how to practice it to get its practical dimension in order to be developed as a skill afterwards, then transfer this skill to various professional and personal scales. Accordingly, the learner’s performance is raised and ultimately his/her Learning Capacity is extended and allowing the cycle to be repeated again and again in an infinite pattern. The “Extended Learning Capacity” Cycle Skeleton is as follows; The Cycle of “Extending Learning Capacity” is based on the importance of collaboration of both parties; the Trainer and the Learner. It requires mutual effort. Thus, two parallel loops (i.e. cycles) are taking place at the same time to form the integrated “Extending Learning Capacity” Cycle; one loop goes for the role of the Trainer and the other is for the Learner – illustrated in the following figure: At the same time, the “Extended Learning Capacity” Cycle acts as an implied agreement on the roles of both parties specifying the roles they are going to play and the responsibilities they are going to share. The Cycle of Extended Learning Capacity “ELC”.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Brilliance Business School believes that the learning program is a team sport of 3 gears; Learning as a process, Learner as an individual and Brilliance Business School as an educator.In order to get the utmost benefit out of the learning event, each gear has to be functioning effectively in compatibility with the other two. Brilliance has a set of philosophies and beliefs for each one of the three components.

Learning as a process:

> Learning is not a torturing process as some tried to practice on us in the old days.
> Learning is fun and brain sport.
> Learning has limited value unless it is put in practice.
> Learning is not a spoon-feeding. It’s about how to find the spoon by your own. Sometimes to invent it.
> Learning is a quest with no ceilings, boundaries or walls.

The Participant as an individual:

> The Participant has potential capacities and abilities that need a skillful coach to unleash them.
> The Participant has different needs, attitudes, complications and unique individuality that we just need to understand and respect.
> The Participant has the right to think freely and express his/her opinion without stepping into others’ zones.

Brilliance Business School as an educator:

> We eliminate what is common about the erroneous concepts of learning that have been practiced on us – as students – for years.
> We inspire, encourage and motivate you for learning. If you decide to turn it down, it’s your own choice.
> We will not teach you, we will be giving you an opportunity to learn.
> No one will attack you for your own thinking and beliefs. You can express yourself the way you want, just beware not to violate others’ freedom as well.
> We will not control you on what to think, we will guide you on how to think.
> You are here by your choice! You can leave by your choice – as long as you have the freedom to make your decision, you are responsible for the consequences.
> We will be like the “Alchemist”!

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