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Professional Programs

Training and Coaching is about getting the best out of yourself and delivering it the others in a persuasive and convincing way; accordingly you will get the best feedback from the audience on the overall deliverance of the training including topic preparation, the art of the subject delivery and all the other commitments required. We deliver to you our input towards excelling in this field through the following training programs;

  1. Certified Trainer
  2. Adult Learning
  3. Training Needs Analysis
  4. Design and Develop Training Programs
  5. On the Job Training
  6. Training Evaluation and ROI
  7. Certified Coach
  8. EI Coaching

Leadership and Management is about making difference, daring to make a move and having a vision that can be implemented in the fluctuating business world. Developing the leader in you is through instantly transferring the real principles of leadership to others and making an impact. Through the following courses you will be able to master leadership and transfer it to others to make a difference;

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Industry Analysis
  3. Competitive Advantage
  4. Leadership Skills
  5. Management Skills
  6. Performance Management
  7. Delegation Skills
  8. Team Building
  9. Supervisory Skills
  10. Balanced Scorecard

Interpersonal skills are what mirror the persona of the speaker. They depict what really lies in his mind and his real style of life. Most of the below skills are not easy to acquire as they are mainly polished through life time experiences and personal experiences. Brilliance Business School delivers to you through the following courses a real depiction of life experiences in a moderate and persuasive way;

  1. Attitude and Behavior
  2. Brainstorming Sessions
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  6. Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  7. Time Management
  8. The Art of Influencing People
  9. Presentation Skills
  10. Stress Management
  11. Art of Facilitation

Communication skills are widely demanded nowadays in most of the business areas, yet communication is not only about coherent sentences or ideas that make sense to the hearer. But it is also related with the emotional context that delivers the hidden message which is being observed while people are communicating together. In other words attitudes and manners are what really matter in most of the professional and social relations. Brilliance Business School introduces these concepts through the following courses;

  1. Business Etiquette
  2. Business Correspondence
  3. Technical Report Writing
  4. English Language

Customer satisfaction in any organization is measured by the ability of the customer service representative to value each customer as a worthy asset that needs to be handled with awareness and full understanding. Brilliance's contact centre training programs are focusing on providing measurable tools for participants to apply these perspectives in reality through the following;

  1. Customer Service (Face to Face)
  2. Customer Service On The Phone
  3. Customer Relationship (CRM)
  4. Call Centre Management
  5. Workforce and Service Level
  6. Call Centre KPIs and QA
  7. Measuring CC Performance

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