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Business Programs

Human Resources Management (HRM) main job is to focus on attracting, developing and retaining talents of an organization. Besides, HRM is the function within an organization that is charged for implementing strategies and policies in relation to the management of individuals to gain a competitive advantage through managing organization’s “human capital”. Yet Brilliance Business School allows HRM professionals and potentials to acquire HRM knowledge and skills through the following HRM training programs;

  1. Strategic HRM and HRM Strategy
  2. Effective Job Profiling
  3. Competency Framework
  4. Competency-based HR
  5. Compensation and Benefits
  6. Hire the Best Fit
  7. Certified Assessor
  8. Management Training Function
  9. Performance Management
  10. Labor Law and Employee Relation
  11. HRM Audit and Evaluation
  12. HR for Non-HR

Marketing generates the strategy that underlies the organization's vision through targeting and positioning the rightful customer segments. Its main function is to enable the organization indentifying carefully customers' needs and working on satisfying them. It is an integrated process through which an organization chooses the appropriate techniques to build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. Implementing these concepts can be fully reached through the following marketing training programs;

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Marketing Research
  3. Branding
  4. Marketing Communication
  5. International Marketing
  6. Marketing for Non-Marketers

As the marketplace became more aware of various offerings of products and services, savvy and educated about knowing the number of tactics of suppliers. Maintaining and growing the market share of an organization became one of the most essential concerns of an organization. Sales function is the lifeblood of an organization that cannot survive without taking care of. The Sales and negotiation challenge is to differentiate and show the value-added benefits to the customers through persuading them. Effective sales and negotiation skills requires preparation, customer insight, creativity, ability to "think on your feet", courage, persistence and the right attitude. Our wide spectrum of Sales and Negotiation Skills training programs equip participants with these perspectives and enable them to unleash their negotiation skills and strengths; these programs are as follows;

  1. Sales Forecasting
  2. Sales Management
  3. Key Account Management
  4. Sales Coaching
  5. Professional Sales Skills
  6. Advanced Sales Skills
  7. Managing Sales Team
  8. Retail Sales and Merchandizing
  9. Tele Sales
  10. Negotiation Skills

The main purpose for suggesting management consultancy to organizations is to increase efficiency and effectiveness, identify problems and recommend solutions. The need to spend time at the beginning doing research, identifying areas of concern, and mapping out how the different areas of a business affect one another is often a difficult sell to clients who want immediate results. “No one wants to hear that you’ve got to look at five years of data—they want you to tell them how to fix things today,” wrote a consultant. Management consultants have to be accomplished analysts, attentive listeners, and firm but tactful communicators. They are thinkers and problem solvers who know how to convince others that change is needed. These prompt skills need to be acquired through accurate sources. Brilliance Business School enables its participants to excel in this area of expertise through acquiring the following Management Consulting courses;

  1. Certified Business Consultant
  2. Certified Management Consultant
  3. Certified HRM Consultant

The exact definition of an entrepreneur in a dictionary is; "the owner or a manager of a business enterprise who by risk and initiative undertakes responsibilities and endeavors to make profits". The entrepreneur is the one who is able to turn an idea into a marketable product or service that customers demand. Brilliance Business School empower participants to understand and apply entrepreneurial concepts and skills whether the participant is an entrepreneur who is going to build a business from scratch or an executive in a giant corporate through the following entrepreneurship training programs;

  1. Entrepreneurship Foundation
  2. Corporate Entrepreneurship
  3. Innovation and Business Opportunity
  4. Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  5. Finances and Funding
  6. Business Planning

Accounting is the systematic recording, reporting and analysis of financial transactions of a business. Accounting allows a company to analyze the financial performance of the business, and look at statistics such as net profit. Finance is the science of managing money income. As finance is the most encompassing of all business enterprises and that requires you to know about the entire business and indeed the entire economy. Implementing a successful financial system is to make sure that the money flows to those who value it the highest and those who can put it to the best use. Our training programs guarantee you efficiency and improving your financial skills through the following;

  1. Accounting for Non-Accountants
  2. Budgeting Techniques
  3. Cash Flow Analysis
  4. Cost Accounting
  5. Collecting Bad Debts
  6. Finance for Non-Financiers

Project management is guided by careful planning and effort organizing to accomplish a successful project. A project is a one-time effort that produces specific results. Project management includes developing a project plan, which comprises defining project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed and determining budgets and timelines for completion. In a brief; project managers should acquire many skills to excel in their paths. These business needs are skillfully engraved in our following training programs;

  1. Project Management Essentials
  2. Project Planning & Scheduling
  3. Project Control
  4. Risk Management

Operations and Quality are two main pillars of any successful organization that are parallel to each other and that strive to ensure high standards of any service or product in a regular and consistent way. Brilliance Business School offers you the below courses that help you become an expert in both fields;

  1. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Six Sigma Essentials

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