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MHRM Details

  1. HRM Overview – Job Analysis and Competency (3 Credits)

    The course covers the essential concepts and functions of HRM including the competencies that represent the language of performance. Competencies can articulate both the expected outcomes of an individual’s efforts and the manner in which these activities are carried out.

  2. Workforce Planning, Recruiting and Selection (3 Credits)

    The aim of the course is to identify the various approaches of workforce planning for both quantitative and qualitative workforce requirements. The course deals with the effective recruitment and selection process to obtain the right fit according to the planning done and competencies required.

  3. Employee Training and Development (3 Credits)

    This Course covers training function through systematic applied tools and techniques to promote employee learning. It involves the use of different formal and informal ways to impart knowledge and equip employees to acquire the necessary skills.

  4. Performance Management (3 Credits)

    This course focuses on Performance Management as a flexible and coherent process .This involves how managers’ deal with employees’ performance in an effective approach that sets out how they can best work together.

  5. Compensation and Benefits (3 Credits)

    This course focuses on how to use the different direct and indirect compensation and benefits to attract and retain high-quality employees through implementing a powerful compensation and benefits system.

  6. Labor Law and Employee Relations (3 Credits)

    This course deals with professional relations within the framework of Egyptian labor law with respect to social and political change in the market.

  1. Strategic Management (3 Credits)

    This course is concerned with the long-term direction and performance of the whole organization. It examines organizations from the ‘‘strategic management'' perspective of top management. The concepts and skills presented are applicable at all levels of management and to the variety of roles leaders, executives, and managers.

  2. Managerial Economics (3 Credits)

    This course applies microeconomic analysis to decision methods of businesses or other management units, the science of directing scarce resources to manage costs effectively. Understanding consists of three branches: competitive markets, market power, and imperfect markets.

  3. Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)

    This course examines the range of individual and group behavior in an organization. Topics: personality and attitudes, perception, motivation in the work setting, group and team behavior, leadership, interpersonal communication, and organizational design and culture.

  4. Strategic HRM and HRM Strategy (3 Credits)

    This course addresses HRM Strategic issues and its relevance with overall organization's intention and strategy to achieve “strategic fit”, also the various HRM strategies that can be developed in the HRM

  5. Entrepreneurship Foundation (3 Credits)

    This course focuses on valuable tools by which HR activities can be assessed. HR audit provides an abundance of facts with indicators of areas of strength and areas of development in order to carry further corrective actions.

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