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MBA Overview

MBA in Brief

VU and BBS Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a high-standard program that is relevant and responsive to business trends. The program is designed for future managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs looking forward to shifting their career to the next level. It will expose the participant to a solid foundation course that includes business fundamentals, tools, and models useful for making decisions.

Throughout the MBA program, participants will expand their learning capacities and business experience. Every participant will acquire indispensable skills and knowledge to succeed in business careers. The duration of the MBA course is one year and participants must successfully complete all courses along with final thesis.

MBA Objectives

MBA Key Benefits:

  • Swiss Standards - program is conducted and delivered within the framework of Swiss standards of high educational measures
  • One-year program and flexible schedule - that preserves the participants' time
  • Academic and professional balance - program balances between the conceptual framework of the theoretical body of knowledge and the practical tool and techniques that are applicable in their business environment
  • Professors and Instructors - their experience incorporate a blend of both academic and professional experience. Their area of expertise and their consulting experience allow them to equip participants with business and consulting insights
  • Teaching tools - include case studies, open discussions, group work and team exercises enriching the learning experience and allow knowledge to "sink-in"
  • Diverse group - participants come from different business sectors which promote group diversity and enrich tackling business issues from different perspectives

MBA Duration:

The duration of the MBA course is one year.

MBA Overall Structure:

MBA Program course consists of is divided into two groups. With rare exceptions, MBA participants are required to follow the course sequence as shown below:

  • 7 Foundation Courses which provides MBA participants with a solid academic foundation:
    MBA Foundation Courses:
    1. Managerial Economics (3 Credits)
    2. Finance and Accounting (3 Credits)
    3. Production Management (3 Credits)
    4. Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)
    5. Management Theory (3 Credits)
    6. Marketing Management (3 Credits)
    7. Strategic Management (3 Credits)
  • 6 Specialization Tracks which provide MBA participants the opportunity to develop further a specific area of interest:
    MBA Specialization Tracks:
    1. MBA in Human Resources Management (9 Credits)
    2. MBA in Strategic Management (9 Credits)
    3. MBA in Management (9 Credits)
    4. MBA in Marketing (9 Credits)
    5. MBA in Entrepreneurship (9 Credits)
    6. MBA in Management Consulting (9 Credits)
    7. MBA in Project Management (9 Credits)
  • Thesis (6 Credits)

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