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About Brilliance
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About Brilliance

Brilliance Logo

The lion's head

The lion prominently appeared as a theme in ancient and modern cultures. In Ancient Egypt the Sphinx which represents the protector of the pharos. The lion also has been extensively used in ancient Persia in sculptures and on the walls of palaces along with ancient Greek mythology as well. Lion enjoys a positive depiction in popular cultures as creatures that appear strong, but gentle at the same time. A lion symbolizes a spectacular blend of balance, sound judgment and prudence. It reflects the message of strength, royalty, stateliness and bravery, so does what Brilliance Business School offers to its participants. We prominently inspire our clients with nobility, wariness and consistency.

Coat of Arms:

The Coat of Arms represents protection and recognition. Yet Brilliance Business School equip the participants with the required tools they need in their personal and professional life.


- Dark Red: Holds the message of energy, active spirit and taking action
- Beige: Symbolizes royalty, success, excellence and wealth
- Black: Reflects persuasiveness, formality and depth

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